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Cphonic's new website launches!

Cphonic launches (again)

It’s been many years since our last website update—we’ve stuck with the same web design since our launch in December 2012. Welcome to the new Cphonic Online Mastering website, which is going live in September 2018! We’re featuring new projects we’ve mixed and mastered, new gear we’ve acquired, and the same great mastering offer as before—one song mastered for free, and then just $60 per song for as long as you’re on our email newsletter list!

What we’ve been up to

A lot has happened in the almost six years since we launched… we’ve had many songs hit the charts across the world in multiple genres, we’ve added tons of gear to the studio (including a top-of-the-line pair of KS Line Master mastering speakers), we’ve made the final round of the Grammys multiple times in multiple categories (several times with songs co-written by Cphonic owner Kevin McNoldy), and most importantly we’ve helped musicians all over the globe achieve their creative goals with proper mixing and mastering of their projects.