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Cphonic Terms & Conditions

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Cphonic Online Mastering Terms & Conditions

Cphonic Online Mastering Service is committed to providing the best online mastering experience you've ever had. Here are our terms and conditions for doing business with us:

Our free song mastering offer

Despite Kevin McNoldy's long list of credits, we feel that all mastering studios should prove themselves to new clients. Therefore, we offer a full song mastering for free, to make sure you're happy with the results. There is no catch--this is full mastering on one entire song (not a sample), and you are free to use that final master as you see fit. This offer only applies to new clients who have not worked with Cphonic before, and there is a limit of one song per customer / project. The song itself must be in the normal pop / rock song time range--3 to 4 minutes, nothing over 5--since we can't offer a free song and then be expected to master a 15-minute opus. We're so confident in the quality of our mastering that we're able to make this offer. The song will be handled just as though you're a paying client from start to finish, and you'll receive download information at the end just like a paying client.

Booking a mastering session

When we receive an email from you, or your uploaded file(s), we will respond with an email containing questions about your project. This helps us achieve the optimum results for your music, as we walk you through the information we need to know in order to best serve you. Once your answers are returned to us, your session is "booked" into the studio's schedule. We stay in communication with you throughout the mastering process, so you're aware of any extra work we need to handle, or questions we have about your music. The typical turnaround time is 5-7 business days, which can vary depending on our workload.

Mixing sessions

Mixing is more involved than mastering, since it takes longer and requires us to intake your entire project session files. The more organized your project and files are when we receive them, the more you'll save, since the beginning of a mix session involves us organizing your tracks to optimize them for mixing. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the process, so you're aware of any extra work we need to handle, or questions we have about your session layout. All final mixes must be approved (and payment received) by the client before we proceed to our special mixing session offer: any song mixed by Kevin McNoldy at Cphonic also receives full mastering for free. So, any song mixed with us is returned to you as a finished master, ready for release to radio or on iTunes / Amazon / Spotify, or CD. Again, there is no catch--since mixing typically costs more than a mastering session, we feel this exclusive offer helps to offset your costs on the back end, and it also ensures that our mixes reach the outside world with the best mastering applied to them (our own!). We offer overall discounts and caps on full album mixing, so please Contact Us with the details of your project.

Mixing & mastering settings

The final mixes and masters created by Cphonic are owned by you, and are transferred after your payment clears our account. The settings we use to create those mixes/masters, such as tape deck settings, outboard gear settings, plug-in settings, mix bus settings, or any other equipment settings used in the creation of your final product are not shared. In other words, no mastering or mixing project session files are returned to you, only the final result as a stereo mix or stereo master full-resolution WAV file. No EQ, compression, limiting, de-essing, or other processing settings are shared with our clients, nor are any files such as Soundblade or ProTools project files.

Additional charges, payments

Our rates are subject to change, with the updates posted on the Cphonic website. Any taxes (such as sales, use, or any other applicable taxes) are the responsibility of the client, and will be billed before finished files are released. Any extra shipping, handling, or additional unforeseen expenses are billed to the client, again before finished files can be released. Final payment for all services must clear our account before any masters are released to the client.


On any project mastered at Cphonic, we ask that the following be displayed in the liner notes or per song:

Mastered by Kevin McNoldy at Cphonic

On any project mixed (and therefore also mastered with our free offer), we ask that the following be displayed in your liner notes or per song:

Mixed and mastered by Kevin McNoldy at Cphonic

Any other creative titles such as producer, instrumentalist, or vocalist, etc. will be requested should Kevin McNoldy fill those roles over the course of a project.

Our website

All text, pictures, and materials used within this website are the exclusive copyright of Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy unless otherwise noted. No reproduction or republishing of material from this website is allowed, in any form--physical, digital, or otherwise. All music compositions or videos shown within this website are the exclusive copyrights of their owners, and are used solely for promotional purposes. Each one contains a link to the original song or project, if one is available.

Legal indemnification

Cphonic clients agree to indemnify and hold Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses, or other expenses resulting from their project, in any form. That is including--but not limited to--copyright violations, trademark infringements, contractual violations between the client and third parties (record labels, publishing companies, management firms, etc), any violation from the client reproduction-distribution-performance of any project handled by Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy, or any infringement above and beyond anything described here. Your songs are your property, so please make sure you are not violating any contracts, copyrights, laws, or otherwise infringing on any rights when using your material, since Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy cannot be held responsible.

Music shown on Cphonic website

The copyrights for the music showcased on Cphonic's website or News / Blog section are held by their respective owners, and these samples are displayed solely to provide examples of Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy's previous work. Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy earns no commission for any songs or albums sold via these links, as they are strictly non-commercial, non-affiliate links and meant to help the artists listed in marketing their music. Any songs or videos embedded in the site, not via links to outside services, are protected and "streamed" to prevent downloading. In the event that these songs are illegally breached in some manner, Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy is again held harmless from any and all resulting damages and claims. Any information gathered from our servers in the event of an online breach will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities (including but not limited to the RIAA, FBI, and others). Cphonic / Kevin McNoldy is also not responsible for the content of the music linked to or featured on the site… there may be explicit lyrical content in certain songs, so website visitors should use their own discretion when listening. Please Contact Us if your music is featured on the Cphonic website and you wish to have it removed, or if there is any information regarding it that needs to be corrected. Please also let us know if your project is not featured yet, and you want it to be!